NILS 2.4.36 Release Notes - 9/24/21

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching released an enhanced version of the Networked Improvement Learning and Support (NILS) platform on September 24, 2021.

Enhancements in the September 2021 2.0 NILS Release:

  • Classic PDSA:

    The Classic PDSA feature has been added to NILS:

    • Testers can run Classic PDSAs in NILS, following a segmented one-page format based on the template used in Carnegie-hosted PDSA training sessions.
  • PDSA Type:

    The PDSA Type feature has been updated as follows:

    • Hub members can request to have all three PDSA types (Classic, Guided, Freeform), two PDSA types, or only one PDSA type available for testers on NILS.

How is this different from the previous version?

  • Classic PDSA
    • The Classic PDSA is now available on the NILS platform.
  • PDSA Type
    • Hub members can now select which PDSA types to make available for testers in a network.

If you have questions or encounter any issues with this new version of NILS, please contact us through the Help Desk

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