NILS 2.0 Release Notes - 11/23/18

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching released an enhanced version of the Networked Improvement Learning and Support (NILS) platform on November 23, 2018.

Enhancements in the November 2018 NILS release are as follows:

  • Directory:

    The NILS Directory has been updated to include Structural Groups and Affinity Groups.

    • Hub members can create Structural (vertical, site-based) groups and Affinity (interest, project-based) groups
    • Groups support threaded discussions in a “Discussion” tab and an “About” tab with group information, resources, and a listing of group leads/content experts and members
    • New NIC members can be added to the platform from the Directory “Members” tab or from a Structural Group

          Click here for more information on the Directory.

  • Member Profile:

    The NILS member profile has been updated. It now includes:

    • An “About” section for the member
    • A feed of the member’s recent site participation

          Click here for more information on the Member Profile.

  • PDSA:

    NILS now supports a Freeform PDSA testing option. The Freeform PDSA enables testers to:

    • Create a PDSA in a blog-like format in a single text box
    • Select a “Not Applicable” option in addition to Adopt, Adapt, and Abandon, if necessary
    • Save as “In-Progress” or “Complete and Publish” the PDSA

          Click here for more information on Freeform PDSAs.

How is this different than the previous version?

  • Directory
    • The Directory now includes listings of Structural Groups and Affinity Groups. Hub members and Structural Group leads can now add new members to the NIC from the Directory.
  • Member Profile
    • The Member Profile allows member-to-member messaging and shows a member’s recent PDSAs and Activity work
  • PDSA
    • NILS now supports a blog-like Freeform PDSA option for greater testing flexibility.

Known Bugs

  • Text editing on the Member Profile page includes incorrect formatting of lists, and does not support links or image uploads.

If you have questions or encounter any issues with this new version of NILS, please contact us through the Help Desk

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