Welcome to the Networked Improvement Learning and Support (NILS) platform!

The map below shows various ways to use NILS.

In the Chartering phase, you can discuss and participate in activities, and interact with peers who are also working on these Chartering activities. You can also view and comment on activity Reflections authored by the Hub after an activity has been completed, which summarize learning.

In the Improvement Testing phase, you can continue to participate in activities. You can also look for and view primary and secondary drivers, change ideas, or PDSAs that have been run on a change idea, and communicate with your network's members. You can contribute change ideas, start your own PDSAs, and repeat them given your decision to adopt, adapt, or abandon particular change ideas.

We hope you will give us feedback on NILS and share how you use it. We look forward improving the platform with your ideas, and to creating a support system that enables sharing and learning across your network.


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