Notifications - Click-Through, Mark as Read, Clear All

Certain actions trigger Notifications to specific or all users within NILS. When an Announcement or Event is authored (among other actions), all site members receive a notification of the action. Members also receive notifications when other members Comment on or Like their Posts or Micro-posts, when other members reply to a comment they have made or like their comment, or when they have been assigned to an Activity.

Notifications are located beside the member’s name in the upper right corner of the NILS screen. The numbered Red Oval counts the notifications.


Select a notification to be taken to the page where the action occurred to trigger the notification.


Select the X beside a notification to Clear it. To mark a notification as Read without opening it, select the White Dot beside the notification. To mark a read notification as Not Read, select the White Dot beside the greyed out notification to turn the notification back to white.

To mark all notifications as read, select Mark as all ‘read’ at the bottom of the notifications list. To clear all notifications, select Clear all at the top of the notifications list.


Change your notification settings by selecting Settings. You can turn Email Notification and Visual Notification on and off to receive or not receive certain types of notifications.


Note: Depending on your NIC’s NILS instance, phase, and your network role, some items may appear differently in the menu bar.

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