Write a Post

To submit a post in an activity or group, select Write a Post from the activity or group’s conversation hub.


Add a Title to your post, add your Text in the post field, and attach any Files. This is a WYSIWYG field, and it supports a broad variety of formats, including numbered and bulleted lists, bolded and italicized fonts, and standard left-justified, center-aligned, and right-justified text. Text can be hyperlinked and images may be embedded within the post.

Save your post as a Draft, or Publish it.


Published posts immediately become available for comments and likes.

To Edit or Unpublish your post, select the three-dot icon beside the post and select an action.


To access all of your posts on the site, select My Posts from the top menu.


Under My Posts, you can view all of your posts--Published, Unpublished, and Draft. You can filter by Published, Unpublished, or Draft to view only the posts with that Visibility. You can also view under which Activity a post appears.


Note: Depending on your NIC’s NILS instance, phase, and your network role, some items may appear differently in the menu bar.

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