Find My PDSAs (Plan-Do-Study-Act)

A PDSA cycle is the basic method of inquiry in improvement research. It’s a pragmatic scientific method for iterative testing of changes in complex systems. Each cycle (Plan-Do-Study-Act) is a mini-experiment in which observed outcomes are compared to predictions. Discrepancies between predictions and observed outcomes become a source of learning.

NILS enables you to search for PDSAs on change ideas, or to start and run your own PDSA. As shown below, the PDSAs you have run will show toward the top of the NILS screen, below the gray bar. You can also find your PDSAs by searching for PDSAs. To do this, select Find PDSAs from the menu bar.  Filter by your name under Tester to find your PDSAs, or filter by group under Group to find your group’s PDSAs.



* Depending on your NIC’s NILS instance and phase, some items may appear differently in the menu bar.

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